The Advantages of a Veterans Administration Home Loan (VA Loan)


Now more that ever many Americans have found themselves a little cash-strapped for many reasons usually related to these financially turbulent times. College tuition may be looming as children grow up, a home may need improvement to increase or sustain its value, or it may be time to make a high-ticket purchase. Many have found the cash relief they need by taking a debt consolidation loan. Some folks may have been watching home loan interest falling to surprising lows and want to take advantage of them so they can keep more money in their pockets on a month-to-month basis. If your nose is to wind for any of these reasons, it may be time for you to consider your options, to include refinancing your Veterans Administration Home Loan (VA Loan). www.eBenefits.Va.Gov

VA Loan Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan

The Veterans Administration Home Loan division has erected a deal called the Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRRL) to provide a way for those veterans and service members to lower their monthly interest rates with no out-of-pocket expenses. These loans do not require the rigamarole of starting a home loan from scratch and they are executed in a lot speedier fashion than a typical loan or refinancing application. This refinancing allows the borrower to get the lower interest rates available today rather than the high rates charged prior to the recession. One stipulation: this program is available only to those veterans and service members who are are redoing their ORIGINAL VA Home Loan and who are using their original eligibility to get a lower rate with a different lender.

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

When investigating the IRRRL for a VA Home Loan you will find the terms No Cost and Streamline. Basically, this means that you will not have to have cash to do the deed and that the process can be completed rather quickly. Refinancing always incurs extra fees and other costs. These can simply be added to the loan or the lender may be asked to cover those costs, but usually at the expense of a little higher interest rate. Still, the rates will be lower. To get the absolute lowest rate that you can get, you can get the market rate or actually buy down you rate and roll all the closing costs into the refinancing.

Use a VA Home Refinancing to Pull Out Home Equity

You may be overwhelmed with debt – a bunch of pesky little debts that have grown unmanageable. These debts will often include too much high-interest credit card debt. Debt consolidation can roll all those debts into one so that you have manageable payments less than the aggregate payment of all those loans, with an interest rate lower than all those loans, and all due at one time to one creditor. That right there makes restful nights possible. Of course, as mentioned, you may need the refinancing for school, home improvement or some other pressing need. What happens is the VA refinance transaction will pay off the current VA Home Loan with your new VA Home Loan and any cash left over can go into your budget for the appropriate application. This is typically called a Cash Out refinancing.

VA Home Loan Stipulations

Cash Out refinancing must be used only for homes that are a principle residence of the loan holder. This VA Home Loan refinancing can go for up to 100% of the appraised value including all closing costs and other fees. No minimum time of occupancy is required, though your home must have enough equity left according to an appraisal done by a qualified VA Home Loan appraiser. www.eBenefits.Va.Gov

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Veterans Home Loans Provide Excellent Opportunities for Veterans


Those serving in the Armed Forces of the United States, or those who are veterans of that service, have an exquisite way to buy a home because of the care Uncle Sam bestows on those in uniform. These VA home loans are not handouts, the are rewards for service. These loans do not hand money to veterans, nor are they loans fomented by the government; they simply apply some rules that make it easier for the veteran or service member to realize the American dream of home ownership.

Rather than a cash grant or other similar transfer, the Veterans Administration puts a guarantee a Va home loans made by traditional financial institutions such as banks, credit unions or mortgage companies. The Veterans Administration underwrites these loans. Thus, should the home buyer default, the lender knows that the government will find the money to cover the cost of the loan. That is putting it simply, of course, but that is the base. This guarantee makes it more likely that the veteran or service member will be approved for the loan.

VA Home Loans Save Down Payments, Closing Costs

Va home loans save money for veterans and service members in that they replace the protection of a down payment that most lenders require with the protection of the full faith and power of the federal government. Unless the buyer opts to pay one, VA home loans require no down payment. Another way a veteran will see savings is that the government limits the amount of closing costs and all the other nit-picking costs and fees that a lender can charge a borrower. eBenefits.Va.Gov

Being overcharged with administrative fees is impossible. No up-front processing fees or other consideration fees can be charged. Closing costs become the expense of the seller. If some fees must be exacted on the veteran or service member taking the VA home loan, their amount is limited and are very much lower than found with non-VA home loans.

Lower Monthly Payments with VA Loans

The monthly mortgage payments for VA home loans are often considerably less than for standard home loans. A good part of the reason lies in the fact that no mortgage insurance is required. Mortgage insurance is another way lenders have of protecting themselves should a buyer default. With the government underwriting the loan, no insurance is required. There are restrictions on the rates of interest that can be charged.

Of course, with lower interest rates, monthly payments are lower. Another maddening fee that can beset standard home buyers is the pre-payment penalty. Why anyone would charge a fee for paying off a loan ahead of time is probably just an indicator of institutional greed. If a veteran has the money to pay off a loan before it has matured, he or she is not penalized for making good on the loan. eBenefits.Va.Gov

Bad Credit Borrowers Have an Advantage

Because of the governmental guarantees, veterans or service members can usually land a home loan. If the service member or veteran has been meeting their bill obligations for the past year to eighteen months, a VA home loan can still be approved. And interest rates for VA home loans cannot be adjusted due to credit ratings so they can remain reasonable.

Other Advantages of a VA Loan

If a veteran or service member choose to sell the home, the mortgage may be assumable by the buyer. The marketability of such a home is greater, making it easier for the veteran to sell. Appraisers for VA home loans must be picked at random rather than chosen by the lending institution. This makes it unlikely that appraised values will be skewed in favor of the lender. A veteran or service member has many advantages when it comes to buying a home. These advantages are rendered as a reward for service.

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